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  1. Indiana code 20-28-11.5-4 states that Objective Measures of Student Achievement and Growth must be part of the evaluation plan for a school. They must include the following:

    (A) student assessment results from statewide assessments for certificated employees whose responsibilities include instruction in subjects measured in statewide assessments;

    (B) methods for assessing student growth for certificated employees who do not teach in areas measured by statewide assessments; and

    (C) student assessment results from locally developed assessments and other test measures for certificated employees whose responsibilities may or may not include instruction in subjects and areas measured by statewide assessments.

    Part A above is where the Indiana Growth Model (IGM) comes in. Indiana Growth Model Data (IGM) is a score assigned by the Department of Education only to teachers of math or language arts in grades 4-8, based on growth of their students on the state’s standardized test (most recently called ILEARN)
    from the previous year to the current year. This type of “growth score” is known as a “value-added” measure (VAM).

    School district evaluation plans currently must include the IGM score for those teachers for whom it is calculated, but the weight of this score in the overall calculation of a teachers final evaluation rating is left to the individual districts to determine.

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