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  1. Ideally, teacher evaluations will involve a team, including the most important member of the team: the teacher whose performance is being evaluated. In Indiana, most teachers have a primary evaluator who will do multiple observations of his/her performance and at least one secondary evaluator who may do one or more observations as well. Having multiple observers allows for different feedback and perspectives on performance and the benefit of multiple educators’ strengths and expertise. The primary evaluator is typically the one who will conference with the teacher about goals/observations/student data and will determine the final performance rating. Others may contribute to a performance evaluation by submitting artifacts about the educator’s performance to the evaluator. Additionally, some schools/districts will gather input about performance from colleagues, parents, or students. Finally, the evaluators themselves may benefit from a team of others in the district who work on best practices in observation/actionable feedback/performance support and who may examine their ratings/feedback on observations together to ensure they have inter-rater reliability.

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