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  1. A good walkthrough tool can be tremendously helpful, particularly if you can customize it. Well-built tools allow administrator/teacher to agree on evidence of strong instruction, classroom culture, classroom layout, assessment strategies, student engagement, or other specific curricular/instructional items that could be quickly noted in a walk-through of a classroom (a minute or two). With a Smartphone or Ipad, the evaluator can walkthrough multiple classrooms each day quickly noting elements that are present. This leads to multiple looks at performance and practice which can be aggregated for an individual staff member over time or also compiled into a report on overall prevalence of certain practices in a school. An elementary school may want to drill into what students are experiencing during literacy time. A high school or middle school may want to sample daily use of technology in instruction for meaningful application that enhances teacher engagement with students, etc. These short pieces collected quickly on a well-built evaluation tool can really build evidence of practices efficiently and inform the one or two longer observations an evaluator may do on a staff member.

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