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  1. Indiana Teacher Evaluation: Public Law 90 requires “regardless of model or system, evaluations must: be annual, include student growth data, and include four rating categories.” As an example, the RISE Evaluation and Development System uses these four rating categories: Highly Effective (HE), Effective (E), Improvement Necessary (IN), Ineffective (IE). School districts might make changes to the “label” of these ratings but four rating categories are required. To calculate a numeric value to these categories, again RISE uses a point system: HE (4 pts); E (3 pts); IN (2 pts.) IE (1 pt.). These four rating categories will be evident throughout the entire evaluation plan: Professional Practice which includes the observation rubric for Teacher Effectiveness; and Student Learning (growth data; state, corporation, school wide assessment(s); Student Learning Objectives (SLO) and Class Learning Objectives (CLO) outcomes). Each year teachers will receive a final Summative Rating incorporating all plan criteria into the four rating categories. School districts may modify RISE or create its own evaluation plan but all plans must be approved by the Indiana Department of Education and meet all legislative and IDOE requirements.


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