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  1. Indiana’s teacher evaluation requirements are established by law (I.C. 20-28-11.5-4) and administrative code (511 IAC 10-6-4). They include these required components (which schools must show they have each year when they file their evaluation plan with the Indiana Department of Education):

    1. Annual evaluations for all certificates staff
    2. Objective measures of student growth and achievement that significantly inform the evaluation for ALL staff (and, if the staff member instructs in a state-tested subject area, the results of student performance on that statewide assessment must be included)
    3. Rigorous measures of effectiveness (e.g. rubrics with detailed descriptors for different performance levels, observations of performance, surveys)
    4. Trained evaluators (NOTE: If teachers serve as evaluators of other teachers (this is optional), they must be approved by the principal, trained in evaluation skills, demonstrate a record of effective teaching themselves over several years, and must conduct evaluations as “significant part of their responsibilities”.)
    5. A summative scoring process that weights all evaluation components (including student performance data) as factors into the final rating and places the staff member into one of four categories as defined by law: Highly Effective, Effective, Improvement Necessary, or Ineffective
    6. A definition of what constitutes an educator having “negative impact on student growth” and a procedure to modify the summative rating of any educator determined to have such negative impact (such that this staff member cannot be “effective”)
    7. A process/timeline for delivering feedback with recommendations for improvement to the evaluated staff member (all evaluated employees must have completed evaluation and feedback within 7 business days of completion).
    8. Remediation plans/procedures for teachers rated Improvement Necessary or Ineffective (these should link professional development to required improvements such that the teacher utilized license renewal credits or gains PGPs that target the areas needing improvement)
    9. Process for teachers rated “Ineffective” to request a private conference w/ the superintendent
    10. A process for ensuring that students don’t receive instruction for 2 years in a row from teachers rated “Ineffective” and if that is unavoidable (e.g. school has one music teacher or one teacher per grade level), parents will be informed that their child is receiving such instruction from Ineffective staff for the second year in a row.
    11. Evaluation plan must be in writing and explained prior to any evaluations being conducted (e.g. discussed with governing body in public meeting annually before evaluations commence and prior to that discussed with teachers and/or their representative if one exists)

  2. House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1002 (2020) amends existing I.C. 20-28-11.5-4 by removing the requirement that student assessment results from statewide standardized assessments be used as part of a certified employee’s annual evaluation performance plan.

    Note: I.C. 20-28-11.5-4 still requires school corporations to develop a plan for annual performance evaluations for each certified employee.

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