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  1. Pursuant to Executive Order 20-20, issued on Thursday, April 9, all school corporations, as defined in IC 20-28-11.5-3, shall finalize 2019-2020 staff performance evaluations using one of the two options below. A local education agency (LEA) will decide which option to use after considering capacity and conducting discussion. Schools will not be required to resubmit their Evaluation Plan or attain approval from the local governing body.

    Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order 20-20, this guidance regarding 2019-2020 teacher evaluations has been issued.

  2. Additional guidance:

    Per Dr. McCormick’s webex today. Visit the 4:30 minute mark to begin the section on teacher evaluation.

    A district can pick a hybrid plan for teacher evaluation after discussions. The new FAQ can be found here.

    Teachers being given a summative rating under option 1 listed in the guidance offered by the state. You CAN still consider evidence collected/submitted via artifacts but not an “observation” of instruction given after moving from in-person instruction.

    Exception: with discussion a local district can choose to allow for “observations” to take place for expanded learning lessons.

    There are still ways a teacher can demonstrate effectiveness via artifacts.

    COVID-19 option 1A
    100% of final summative educator effectiveness rating is from the rubric(s) assigned to that employee

    COVID-19 option 1B
    Final summative educator effectiveness ratings is derived from a combination of the factors
    The rubric(s) final score
    The local assessment score (completed prior to moving away from in-person instruction)

    Administrators and the non-teaching certified employees

    Artifacts, meetings, etc. normally used to collect evidence to give a final summative rating CAN still be collected to justify the score given.

    Certificated employees that received an evaluation and evaluation designation from another district
    • May maintain score as option 2 (previous year score from another district)
    * Contact your previous district for your summative score
    * If unable to contact previous district contact the department of education for assistance. 317-232-6610

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