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  1. According to memo sent out on March 24th, 2020 by the Department of Education:

    1. Districts have the authority to set specific due dates for each component of their evaluation cycle based on their calendars with the exception of the observation cycles outlined in the Evaluations section of NRS Chapter 391.

    2. For the purpose of completing the evaluation, NEPF data collected during the school closure period related to COVID -19 should not be utilized unless it is to the advantage of the licensed employee being evaluated.

    3. The Student Learning Goal remains an expected component of the evaluation. The Department is aware that the previously identified assessments intended to measure the SLG may no longer be appropriate or feasible. Data from recent assessments (given prior to the school closure related to COVID -19) and/or the data gathered throughout the cycle may be used to determine the SLG score.

    4. District reporting of all NEPF data is still due to the Department on July 1st, 2020

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